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To get unbanned from our servers...

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  • To get unbanned from our servers...

    To get unbanned from one of our servers, register for the forums then please use the following form and create a topic within the Disagreements, Complaints, & UnBan Forms channel... Also Note: Attachments are not allowed. If you need to attach an image, please post an url link to the image posted on another site. DO NOT COME IN TEAMSPEAK TO ASK FOR AN UNBAN UNLESS AN ADMIN REQUESTS YOU TO COME IN TO DISCUSS IT. You will get kicked from TeamSpeak since we are currently busy in middle of a game.

    Contact Information

    What is your gaming tag?: This is your gaming tag used while on the server

    Other Information

    What server were you banned/kicked from?: Example: Call of Duty Black Ops - NUKETOWN [NEC] FAST XP

    Do you understand the rules of the game server?: Yes/No

    Would you like us to explain why you got kicked?: Yes/No

    NOTES: Addition info you would like to add
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    Please also note, it is a privilege to play on our servers and we have the right to ban anyone we deem necessary. If you don't agree with this, you have a right to play on a different server.

    We do not accept requests with intentions of disrespecting NEC admins, please be mature about it or we will deny the unban.
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