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BF4 - Falls under EA TOS: 12. Services Not Controlled By EA

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  • BF4 - Falls under EA TOS: 12. Services Not Controlled By EA

    For those who want to bitch to EA, don't waste your time. Our server is not hosted nor in anyway under EA's control...

    12. Services Not Controlled By EA
    Some products may give you the option of using EA Software on or through a service that is not controlled by EA. For example, you may be given the option to play EA Software online on servers not owned or controlled by EA. EA takes no responsibility for your use of EA Software on or through any such service and otherwise has no control over how those services are offered, administered or operated. Any such use of non-EA controlled services is at your own risk and may subject you to additional or different terms and restrictions by the third party running the service. (
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    And even if our services were controlled in one way or another under EA do you really think we're naïve enough to believe that EA would come after one of the literally hundreds of thousands of public controlled dedicated servers based upon some snot nosed, pimply faced, cry baby, whining on the EA forums about being unfairly banned by some big, bad admin abusing his powers? NOT!