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Battlefield 4 - Public Server Rules

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  • Battlefield 4 - Public Server Rules

    Battlefield 4 - EA Rules of Conduct (Server Admins and Players)
    Scope of the Rules of Engagement
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    This document is to serve as a complete compendium to the rules of the NEC Battle Field 4 Servers. If it is not listed in this document it does not exist and is not enforceable.

    If you have been banned, or feel an admin said or took inappropriate action against you, register on the forums then read the post about Ban Appeals and Admin Abuse found in the Please Read - How to get unbanned, etc... section of the website.

    Nuclear Elite Gaming Community Standard Rules:
    • NO hacking, cheating, exploiting the game, glitching or wall hacking of any kind. Your stats will be checked for signs of cheating. (Ban).
    • Players are to be respectful to other members and players on TeamSpeak and Battlefield servers.
    • NO excessive base-rape or spawn point killing (Kick/ban)
    • NO racial slurs or remarks towards players or admins (Ban if caught).
    • Promoting or advertising other communities, clans or guilds on our servers, forums, or TeamSpeak is NOT allowed.
    • NO lag either due to high latency or hardware issues (Kick)
    • NO purposely killing your team members (Auto Kick/Ban)

    You may get kicked or killed due to automated server balancing, or making room for a VIP Slot player. Admins have the right to make room for other NEC members and VIPs. Admins have the right to kick/kill/ban at any point if they feel you’re breaching any rules.

    Also note: Since our servers are not hosted by EA and by 3rd party, the following applies (

    12. Services Not Controlled By EA

    Some products may give you the option of using EA Software on or through a service that is not controlled by EA. For example, you may be given the option to play EA Software online on servers not owned or controlled by EA. EA takes no responsibility for your use of EA Software on or through any such service and otherwise has no control over how those services are offered, administered or operated. Any such use of non-EA controlled services is at your own risk and may subject you to additional or different terms and restrictions by the third party running the service.
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