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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Public Server Rules

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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops - Public Server Rules

    Scope of the Rules of Engagement
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    This document is to serve as a complete compendium to the rules of the Call of Duty : Black Ops servers. If it is not listed in this document it does not exist and is not enforceable. Each rule will have specific definitions of the rule as well as elaborating the specified intent of the rule along with examples to help clarify the rules true intent. By the end of this document, no questions should be remaining as to what the rule meant and how it applies to the player.


    2. No Spamming Shots
    • Spamming shots involves using a large amount of ammunition irrespective of (regardless of) any visible targets.

    Spirit of the rule - This rule is about fair competition. We want everyone to have fun, and as such feel that they should get the opportunity to fight back.

    3. Don't steal care package unless requested by the other players.

    4. Language
    • No racism;
    • No insulting other players;
    • No slurs directed towards sexual orientation;
    • No sexually explicit remarks, we don't want to know how perverted you are and neither does the other players;
    • This includes abbreviations;
    • Treat others as you would your best friend;
    • Respect everyone in the server;
    • Please no offensive game tags - We will ask you to change it otherwise automatic kick;

    Spirit of the rule - we try to make a fun environment for everyone.

    5. No advertising of any kind - We are here to have fun not promote other groups/clans.

    6. No spamming wall shots on spawn points or through glitch points of any kind.
    • A glitch point is a point in the map where you can fire through several walls of a structure straight through to a spawn point with the intention of killing opposing players that are spawning and not visible to the player firing through the glitch point.

    Spirit of the rule - This rule is designed to promote a tactical use of weaponry. In real life you would want to conserve your ammunition and be firing on targets that you know are there and are hostile. The problem with this concept is that when we allow people to fire their weapons at targets that they can't see it becomes severely abused.

    7. No Lagging
    • Lag is a noticeable delay between the action of players and the reaction of the server. Although lag may be caused by high latency, it may also occur due to insufficient processing power in the client.

    Spirit of the rule - This rule is designed to prevent unfair advantages between players.

    You may get kicked or killed due to automated server balancing, or making room for a VIP Slot player. Admins have the right to make room for other NEC members and VIPs. Admins have the right to kick/kill/ban at any point if they feel you’re breaching any rules.
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