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TKC's Demise and Subsequent Circumstances

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  • TKC's Demise and Subsequent Circumstances

    If you're not aware it by now TKC is experiencing difficulties, to say the least, with their senior leadership, consequently their server has been down and we have been getting the fallout in our server.

    It's no wonder they're having problems when the success of their server was based upon stealing our servers reputation by presenting their server identification in the Black Ops server browser, exact wording, exact same color scheme, everything exactly the same with the exception of TKC instead of NEC. TKC's owner even went to the extreme lengths to change the server ID on two other occasions after we noticed what he was doing and changed ours to another way. TicTacToe would never admit that though because well obviously the dude is a piece of crap.

    It was just a matter of time when you have an owner and admins with no integrity, it's called the trickle down effect.

    We actually caught one of his senior admins blatantly hacking, even provided the owner the film. The only thing he cared about at that time was filling his server at all costs. Now it seems he's bored of this gig and has left his crew hanging.

    Over the years TKC has opened their arms to the lowlife hacks, racists, high pingers and disrespectful lowlife vermin we have banned.

    The last three days I've noticed a steady stream of players who were regulars in TKC. Most if not all are very aware of our rules, the big one being no spamming, yet they either ignore or disrespect you when you bring it to their attention. No mercy gentlemen! The disrespectful ones get banned on the spot, the spammers give them a warning, next infraction send them on their merry way.

    You have to keep in mind that these players are used to lack of admin oversight hence the rampant disrespect and hacking, additionally there will be quite a few hackers coming our way too. I've already caught a few the last three days that were regulars at TKC, players I've never seen in our servers previously.

    To all TKC regulars that happen to read this announcement: If you're a clean, respectful player we welcome you wholeheartedly but be aware that we have a no spamming rule, that means visible targets only. See our rules section for more details on the rule.
    If you're a cheater we will catch you and ban you permanently and it won't take very long before we discover you because our admins know what to look for, unlike TKC, cheating is not tolerated in our server.
    If your a disrespectful, smart mouthed punk go to BIA because you're not wanted in our servers. We will ban you immediately if you spout off.

    NEC admins we have our work cut out for us dealing with this influx from TKC. Deal with each case fairly and firmly. The clean players will take notice and will keep coming back.

    Thank you and have a blessed day!

    Sr. Admin

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    W S .
    e a
    l i
    l d


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      Well Said Bum

      If any Admins needs me or Bum Just hit us up with video or screen shots = We got This

      Like Bum Said be Fair , But be Firm = Capt Happy LMFAO

      Maj. BadHabit
      Sr Admin


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        tkc is still running


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          Originally posted by a thot View Post
          tkc is still running
          Sporadically and there's a reason for that A Thot.


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            What ever the case of any groups i rather not get involved with whats going on but focus on our own group, as for what ever they do karma will catch up with them.

            As for anything that may come up for us we must be strong and keep hold of our group as we all know there's always can be hard times and with those hard times we just need take action and be part of what made NEC good in 1st place
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              You can point em to the forums, you can describe the rules, but you can make em read...


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                Originally posted by c2rex View Post
                You can point em to the forums, you can describe the rules, but you can make em read...
                Not so much can they read but can they read English?


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                  If they can, do they choose to?