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Epic Flooding Event

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  • Epic Flooding Event

    Epic flood currently happening in H-town where I live. For the time being I'm high and dry, but please keep us in your prayers.

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    Oh shit Stoner I plum forgot you were from that area of Texas. Please be safe.


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      Thanks Bum. Even thought I'm working a 12 on/12 off schedule, having to sleep at the station and not being allowed to go home by my department, I'm doing really well and my wife is handling things on the home front. Flood control district for H-town is rating this flood as a 1,000 year event. Meaning a flood like this only happens once every 1,000 yrs. I was half expecting to see a large boat loaded with animals 2-by-2. Thanks again dude.


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        Sorry to hear bro be safe


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          Thanks Croman. No water in my house, but two other officers at the department did. One lost everything and the sad thing is, she didn't have flood insurance. Fundraiser is in the works to help her recover. It was nice seeing the sun and blue skies yesterday at a week without.