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    As those of us who play B/O know we have the server rules and various messages scrolling on the screen for players to read. As we also know very few pay attention to them. What I propose is to randomly drop in some new message just to see who pays attention and who doesn't. It can be some whacked out fucked up message or something straight up silly it doesn't matter. Something like $2 jello shots at the NEC Bar. Put it in some non normal color so maybe it gets attention and maybe it don't. Either way we'd see who actually pays attention to those messages.

    Just a random thought from a senile old, oh wait that's Captain Happy, anyway just a thought.


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    I like this idea. I like to fuck with peoples heads.


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      I proposed something similar a few years ago to where we announced that we would have an open day in the server anything goes, hacking, spamming basically no rules however the intent was to catch hackers.

      This would be fun just to see who is actually paying attention but I can almost guarantee you it will be regular players who will notice it plus you will need to factor in the fact that we have many foreign players that don't speak, read or write a lick of English.


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        I remember your open day topic Bum. I think it was shot down due to the fact that we didn't want to attract even more hackers than we already deal with. What I'm proposing is simply to put a random message in the Bot messages and having some fun with people. We could drop in one directed towards one of our regulars in a funny way. I'm just for something new.

        On that note perhaps we can turn one of our servers into a multi map server? I'd be all for that as well. I think some of our regulars would be too.


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          Or even a DOM map too.


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            I love the ad that showed up on this topic...

            Anyways good idea!!!


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            Yeah DOM or maybe a CTF also.


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              Let's do it! Take a vote on the map and game play. The random messages are simple to insert. We need to identify who we will be directing these messages towards or maybe just pick out somebody in game with a ping located here in America or Oh Canada. I have a first candidate in mind but not sure if everybody can read this so I won't put his name down atm.


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                Run the DOM/CTF option by the cranky bastard better known as Captain Happy and the rest of the powers that be and let's see if we can make it happen. If they are up for it then open it to those in the clan that play BO regularly to vote on what map or maps we can open to that. I'm all for doing both DOM and CTF. The server I play WaW on does it that way. They have a couple of both CTF and DOM in the rotation. I think it'd be a great way to change up the regularity of Nuketown and maybe get some newer players in the server with this variety.



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                  Hey let's get this in place this weekend.